The Green Room

Feeding instead of filling!

In Restaurant The Green Room is the leading role for the vegetables. But for lovers, a piece of meat or fish as a side dish is no problem.

Concept of The Green Room

The ingredients that enter the kitchen are close to nature. Raw, pure products with a short line to the source. Raw and fresh are the starting point of The Green Room and form the basis of surprising and tasty dishes. Focus on homemade and where organic with as much use of the whole product as possible.

At WOOD, gastronomy is Bennie’s business. When visiting our restaurant and bar The Green Room, you can almost feel the warmth radiating from our open kitchen! The last remnants of sleep are easily cleared with a good breakfast, a cup of Koepoort coffee or herbal tea straight from the herbal wall. You’ll also find patisserie-worthy pies and cakes, homemade lemonade, drinks in the conservatory and à la carte dining. Playful & homemade, healthy & eco-minded food of the tastiest kind.

Bennie and his crew serve you the best from around Zeeland: homemade spelt bread, real butter from Schellach (just outside Middelburg), sea salt by De Zeeuwsche, mackerel from the North Sea, veal from Hoeve Rapenburg from the village of Meliskerke… But we also get our goodies from farther away: Kenyan ketchup by The Ketchup Project, sardines by Ortiz, dry sausage by Brandt & Levie’s.

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Following the lockdown announced by the government on 14 December, our hotel restaurant The Green Room will be closed from 15 December 2020 to 15 March 2021.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner in the hotel room

As a guest of Cityhotel Wood, you can still order dishes from the menu of The Green Room. Breakfast, healthy snacks, lunch, fresh juices, drinks and dinner, which will be prepared with love, can be picked up at our take-away point or will be delivered unto the door of your hotel room. To give you a restaurant - experience, we will take care of a nicely set table in the room with matching tableware.

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Take Away - Pick up at The Green Room

For anyone who has already become acquainted with the dishes of restaurant The Green Room or just wants to get to know the concept, there is good news! It is possible to pick up our dishes!

Read all about our take-away possibilities here